About GarbhaGudi IVF Centre

GarbhaGudi is a chain of new generation infertility treatment hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to address this ever-increasing problem of infertility. It was founded by a team of committed entrepreneurs and healthcare specialists, led by Dr. Asha S Vijay, who is a renowned gynecologist and fertility specialist.

The Genesis

Our story began with our medical director, Dr. Asha Vijay’s practice as a gynecologist and subsequently as the founder of Sannidhi Nursing Home. Over a course of 15 years of dealing with gynec, obstetrics and fertility issues as part of her practice, she realized that there was a big vacuum in treating people with reproductive disorders. There was a lack of awareness about the causes of infertility and it’s treatments, expensive procedures that were barely within the reach of a middle class family and bad success rates. This was when Dr. Asha along with a team of first generation entrepreneurs, decided to approach the problem holistically, to provide world class treatment and services at affordable costs. Thus GarbhaGudi was born!

Founders and Directors

Dr. Asha S Vijay

MBBS, DGO, DNB & FRM Germany | Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Asha S Vijay is a well known fertility specialist and leading name in the field of fertility and reproductive treatment. She is a specialist in the field…Read More

Vijay Kumar Sheshadri

B.E, MBA | Founder and CEO

Mr. Vijay Kumar is an Electrical Engineer and a serial entrepreneur. He has successfully started and built multiple engineering companies… Read More

Hari Srinivasan

Co-founder and Director

Mr. Hari is a Medical Electronics engineer by education and an entrepreneur by passion. GarbhaGudi is his fourth stint as an entrepreneur. Prior to this, he has been…Read More

Pushpalatha M S

B.E, M. Tech | Co-founder & Director – Operations

Mrs. Pushpalatha M S has completed her masters in Power Electronics and is on the leadership team of multiple organizations. She completed her engineering…Read More

Core Values

  • Service loyalty to the patients and financial loyalty to the organization.
  • Complete adherence to ethical practices, at all times, in all situations.
  • Adhere to Government rules, Medical Council rules & guidelines and importantly to the rules of mother Nature.
  • Priority to patients, people and partners
  • Hire the best people, train them and retain them
  • Commitment to social responsibility in terms of treatments and costs to those who cannot afford treatments.


My GarbhaGudi shall be a globally renowned reproductive health university, having superlative success rates, due to strong scientific approach, ethical values and humane touch