Affordable treatments

Affordable treatments

Motherhood is a beautiful experience. Every women dreams to be a mother and wish to hold her baby in her arms, cuddle them, love them, pamper them. But not all are fortunate enough to experience this heavenly feeling. Reasons may be anything. May be due to priority given to career delaying child bearing, health issues, genetic disorders, age factor, male infertility issues etc. 

But nothing seems to be impossible these days. Science have advanced a lot. Technologies have been developed to assist human in various and many forms. Likewise even infertility in women can be treated, i.e. unless it is a serious health issue where child bearing is near to impossible, with a treatment like assisted reproductive technologies (ART) couples who wish to become parent can be one.

In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a procedure where fertilization of the egg take place outside the human body. When woman fail to conceive naturally, couples opt to this treatment to achieve pregnancy. 

IVF can be pricey handling and the cost of a cycle depends upon many elements depending on the clinical situation of the couple. 

But we here at GarbhaGudi aim at helping each such couple who wish to become parents. We offer affordable treatments without compromising on the service or quality in the treatment. Each IVF Centre have their own treatments which is more or less the same but the cost of treatments varies from each other. Some Centre mean that it includes the cost of egg pickup, embryology and embryo transfer procedures only and few others include all consultations and scans. And some clinics include cost of investigations and the cost of injections too. So while comparing the cost, make sure you ask what all are included in the treatment and what not. We can sum-up the cost under following heads-

  1. OPD Costs- which includes consultation, ultra-sound monitoring, counselling, blood and other investigations, 
  2. Pre-investigations- includes investigations done during the cycle, post IVF investigations, cost of injections and medicines (hormone injections during the IVF, injections and medicines after embryo transfer)
  3. OT Procedure charges- which includes egg pickup procedure, embryo transfer procedure, embryology charges, embryo culture and monitoring, freezing and thawing.
  4. Embryologist and team charges
  5. Embryology Lab charges
  6. Blastocyst 
  7. Laser assisted hatching
  8. Miscellaneous charges
  9. Documentation and consent
  10. Nursing, housekeeping and support teams.
  11. Donor and Surrogate charges
  12. Egg donor charges
  13. Semen donor charges
  14. Surrogate mother
  15. Other optional procedures
  16. Diagnostic or operative Hysteroscopy
  17. Diagnostic or operative laparoscopy
  18. TESA/PESA/Micro Tese
  19. Sequential Transfer

When all these factors are evaluated, one will understand why specialized IVF Centre with high success rates are slightly more expensive. When you go with a good IVF Centre , one thing is sure that you get the best treatment available and no compromised made in the service provided.

 But all worth a pain when at the end of the day you get to hold your baby in your hand.