Best Fertility Hospital in Bangalore

3. Best Fertility Hospital in Bangalore

The subsequent causes of sexual problems are related to infertility:


Stress is the libido killer for ladies. After all, struggle with infertility is not all that easy. The trauma is stressful. If they cannot conceive due to infertility, the couples feel why to possess sex in the least. In other words, they develop a negative attitude towards sex. But, the main target must get on having sex for pleasure instead of just having a baby. It is an intimate affair, though the will to possess a toddler is there yet, sex for the sake also does matter. It helps get rid of some stress from the given situation and thus keeps the connection with your partner intact.


Depression & anxiety do have consequences of infertility & can affect sex life also. If your mind is preoccupied with your sexual performance or if sex is geared only to have a baby, then your enjoyment & the willingness for sex gets affected. Symptoms often observed with depression include loss of interest in doing things that an individual enjoyed, decreased energy, feelings of unworthiness, and decreased activity level. These feelings can affect sex within the bedroom also.

Fertility treatment doctors at GarbhaGudi IVF can help couples deal with depression and anxiety caused due to infertility. Several treatment options include therapy & medications, will help resolve this issue.

People talk less about their infertility & sexual activity increases their dismay. It’s necessary to tell our fertility treatment doctors about the symptoms negatively impacting your lifestyle & your sexual functioning. Being open & honest to oneself & the partner & our fertility doctor will help deal with infertility issues. Sexual health, also as satisfaction, is a problem with much importance to the list too. Sexual Healthy communication without any hesitation with the fertility treatment doctors is crucial. By doing so, medical & emotional support is often derived.

Thus, the necessity to wipe out the stigma of infertility & sexual problems has got to be felt by affected couples. GarbhaGudi IVF, a premier infertility treatment hospital in Bangalore, helps avail the best fertility care from the highly qualified & experienced team of fertility doctors.

About GarbhaGudi:

GarbhaGudi is a chain of New-Generation Infertility Treatment Hospitals equipped with state-of- art-infrastructure & cutting-edge IVF Technology to address infertility issues & their emotional & mental effects on couples. We have a team of qualified & experienced doctors; their in-depth knowledge & expertise leaves no stone unturned to solve all your infertility issues. The Supportive & caring staff is always by your side to motivate & guide you throughout the journey. GarbhaGudi IVF, the best fertility treatment hospital in Bangalore, provides emotional support to couples facing infertility issues and sexual problems

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