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Donor Oocyte programme

Donor Oocyte
Dr Akhila Anand, Garbhagudi IVF The donor occyte programme is really a boon to those with ovarian agenesis or premature ovarian failure. In these women they are given choice of donor oocytes & husband sperm- IVF/ICSI cycle. The population in whom donor oocyte programme is recommended. are as follows. Women with non-functioning ovaries • Premature ovarian failure • Ovarian agenesis/Dysgenesis • Bilateral oopherectomy • Menopause. Women with functioning ovaries • Risk of inheritable genetic disease in children. • Failed IVF done to poor quality oocytes. • Inaccessible ovaries. • Post radiotherapy & chemotherapy Ovarian stimulation is done to the donor who has been selected to donate oocytes.

Screening the donor

  • Before selecting a donor; she has to be screened for any infections or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Blood group of the donor should be compatible to both the partners.
  • Also physical matching of donor & recipient for colour, race, height & weight to be done.
  • The oocytes donor should ideally be less than 30yrs of age. She should have had previous successful pregnancies with stable relationship & completed her family.
  • Vaginal ultrasound is done for donor to know the ovarian size, volume and antra follicle count of donor.
  • Antral follicle count predicts the probable response of the donor for oocyte stimulation.

Shared oocytes donor programme

It reduces the cost as the oocytes are shared between two recipients. Shared oocyte donation model is widely used and it is regarded as well established process in the treatment of infertility among women. It offers the advantage of increasing the availability of donated eggs. Indian guidelines propose that a donor should not donate oocytes more than 6 times in her life time with a 3 months interval between each donation. The Indian ART bill 2010 suggests that eggs from one donor may be shared between two recipients only. Provided that at least 7 oocytes are available for each recipient. The most reliable predictive factor for pregnancy in oocyte donation cycles are quality of the embryos transferred and recipient’s mid cycle endometrial thickness.

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