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At GarbhaGudi, we believe that a family is at the centre of happiness, and motherhood is within the reach of every woman. GarbhaGudi is Bangalore’s leading chain of new-generation infertility treatment hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technological advancements. Founded by a team of healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs led by renowned fertility specialist Dr Asha S Vijay, GarbhaGudi aims to tackle the growing problem of infertility that plagues young couples in the city.

Our focus is to fulfill your heart’s desire – with us, you can experience the joy of being complete!

Experience the
joy of being complete


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Our Services

We provide solutions to all your fertility worries under one roof

Intra Uterine Insemination

A simple and affordable procedure with no side-effects or pain to get you the results you long for..

Hystero Salphingo Gram

A standard diagnostic procedure to assess the health of the lady’s reproductive system.

In-vitro Fertilization

GarbhaGudi boasts of one of the highest success rates in IVF. You too can be one of the many happy couples experiencing their very own joy of being complete.

Our donor programs are completely anonymous and help couples who cannot conceive on their own fulfil their dreams of starting a family.

Embryo Donation

Gift the privilege of pregnancy to other couples in need – we facilitate embryo donations and adoptions for those who undergo IVF.

No matter what the cause of infertility or the nature of the problem, we at GarbhaGudi use only the most advanced equipment.


GarbhaGudi offers total fertility solutions at all of its branches. We place at your disposal, the complete gamut of assisted reproductive techniques to ensure there is a treatment option for almost all causes of infertility. We are known for our high quality treatment at affordable costs and unparalleled success rates.

Value Added Services

Reaching out for help need not be burdensome

Seeking help for fertility issues is not easy – we understand the hurdles that couples have to cross to fulfil their dreams of having a child. Often, the challenges of the treatment are complicated with the addition of other problems, such as needing a second opinion, the lack of online consultations with specialists, the fear of costs escalating as well as the absence of financial support. At GarbhaGudi, we give you a shoulder to lean on in this difficult time. Our value added services can offer you solutions to peripheral problems and hold your hand through your journey to becoming parents of a happy, healthy baby.

Free Second opinion

GarbhaGudi offers couples the opportunity to be well-informed before they take a step forward in seeking infertility treatment. The option for second opinions lets you seek out our experts’ advice at no extra cost.

Loan Assistance

Don’t let scarcity of funds stop you from seeking out treatment and working towards starting a family. GarbhaGudi can help you with EMI options at 0% interest.*conditions apply

Success stories of our happy couples

Innovative and Caring

  • “After we lost all hopes of having a baby, we heard about GarbhaGudi. The specialists here helped us conceive our first pregnancy and support us throughout the journey. We are now the proud parents of a healthy boy. We were really impressed with the high quality of the facilities provided at the hospital. The staff cooperated with us at every step. Thank you for giving us this pleasure.”
    Anulekha and Dhananjaya
  • “I am very happy and proud to say that I underwent treatment at GarbhGudi. I started my treatment in February and was pregnant by September. The doctors and staff here were cheerful and very helpful, and helped me cherish my precious time as a mother. I'm very grateful to the hospital.”

    Radhika and Harish Gowda
  • “A big thank you to all the hospital staff and especially to Dr. Asha. I had a wonderful experience at GarbhaGudi. All the staff of the hospital spoke very graciously and I found it to be the best IVF treatment centre in Bangalore. Thank you all.”

    Manjula and Sharath