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Advanced Treatment

  • Strategy for handling infertility in women due to poor ovarian reserve or poor responders.
  • ACCU-VIT means accumulation + vitrification of embryos (embryo freezing) + frozen embryo transfer.
  • Natural, patient friendly and lesser cost.
  • Involves back to back mild IVF stimulations or modified natural cycle IVF
  • Retrieved oocytes are then fertilized and frozen
  • Allows selecting the best embryos for transfer. So chance of pregnancy increases.

Well equipped cryogenic lab
Excellent team – expertise in Cryo Preservation

  • Embryo Freezing – For frozen embryo transfers later
  • Oocyte Preservation– For fertilization with partner’s sperm when the lady wants to have a child
  • Sperm Preservation – Taken through ejaculation, TESA, TESE, PESA. To be preserved for IVF / IUI
  • Embryos are transferred on day 3 and on day 5.
  • Patient should have enough embryos to attempt this.
  • Embryos should be of very high quality.
  • Embryos should be good enough for blastocyst.
  • Wider implantation window and higher chance for embryos to implant.
  • Very high success rate at GarbhaGudi.
  • Game Changer in the area of Medicine
  • Potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs
  • Uses stem cells and growth factors alone or together

Can help

  • Women with premature ovarian failure
  • Women with poor ovarian reserve
  • Women with damaged endometrium ( thin endometrium)
  • Men with identified problems in spermatogenesis
  • Many advancements in medical and surgical management of male infertility
  • Analysis of DNA damage, genetic mutations, epigenetic alterations to diagnose baby abnormalities
  • Using Testicular sperms if DNA fragmentation is high in ejaculate sperm or repeated ICSI failures
  • In unexplained fertilization failure, poor embryo morphology or deficient embryo implantation, changing sperm source from ejaculate to testis

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