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Financing your Treatment

At GarbhaGudi, we believe that the cost of the treatment should not play a role in the decision making of what treatment options to start, when to start etc. Also, health insurance does not usually cover the costs of treating infertility. But the real pain point is that treatment of infertility is rather expensive. Because of this, many patients try to delay the treatment or take decisions that may not really be the best one for their situation.

Decisions regarding the treatment should purely be based on what is the right thing to do clinically and what step to take for the best result possible. With this basic premise, GarbhaGudi has tied up with one of the top financing organizations to provide financial assistance to patients undergoing treatment at GarbhaGudi.

The best part about this financing option is that it is given at 0% interest to the patient. The patient can repay the loan amount in easy instalments. So there is no cost escalation to the couple and they also get to take the best possible treatment at the best possible time, without worrying about where to source the funds from.

The Process

The process of financing is very simple and easy. The usual turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours. It is not the usual weeks or months that we see with all other loans. Most of the process is automated and very few things require manual intervention. Since the process is completely digital, the in-person meetings, the waiting time etc are reduced considerably.
This financing organization requires some documentation for their verification process. These need to be uploaded via a device kept at GarbhaGudi. These documents are then verified by the financing organization to decide on the quantum of financing that the couple can avail. Even the documents asked are the bare minimum and the process is completely hassle-free. The staff of GarbhaGudi will assist you in every step of the financing process. The usual documents requested are

  1. Address proof and ID proof
  2. Bank statement
  3. Cancelled Cheque
  4. Projected cost of treatment(given by GarbhaGudi)

Based on the risk profile and repayment capacity of the applicant, the loan amount is approved. It is disbursed to the hospital directly on the day of the start of the treatment. The EMIs start from the month after the disbursal.

Some important points to note

  1. The loan is given at 0% interest to the patient. So there is no additional burden on the patient because of financing.
  2. Amount to be disbursed is decided based on the repayment capacity of the applicant.
  3. If the couple undergoing treatment do not have a bank account or a proper address proof, the couple may ask a relative to be the primary applicant so as to fulfil the requirements for financing. The couple may become the co-applicants.
  4. Most of the process happens online.So the couple does not have to travel to the office of the financing company many times. Usually, the in-person meeting will happen at GarbhaGudi.
  5. If the treatment is cancelled due to some reason or if the cost of the treatment becomes less than the planned cost, then the amount is refunded to the patient.
  6. If there is a cost escalation beyond what was anticipated at the beginning, the couple may plan for additional financing from the same company. That process is very simple.
  7. Couple may opt for 3 months, 6months, 9 months or 12 months EMI options.
  8. GarbhaGudi is NOT financing the treatment, nor is GarbhaGudi part of the financing company. This is just a partnership between the financing company and GarbhaGudi to help patients.
  9. Collection of the instalments is the sole responsibility of the financing company. GarbhaGudi does not get involved in this process.