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GarbhaGudi offers patients of other hospitals a chance to have an expert’s advice on treatment plans at no extra cost. This is done to help couples make some important decisions pertaining to the best step forward in their treatment.

Infertility treatment is a very important aspect for couples who are having challenges in having their own baby. Many a times, such couples have to make decisions on the treatment suggested by other centers, like

  • Should we go for an egg donor or should I try with my own?
  • Should I plan for surrogacy or should I have an embryo transfer?
  • Should I try one more cycle of IUI or should I go for IVF?
  • Should I go for a donor embryo or should I go for donor eggs?
  • My IVF cycle has failed, what should I do next?

Questions such as these are difficult for the couple to answer and they need advice from the experts to make the right decision. Also, over the course of the last few years, we have seen that there are many patients who have been advised laparoscopy or IVF or donor programs or surrogacy by various IVF centers without really doing the required due diligence. Even when couples have been advised the right treatment plan, many a times, they would want a second opinion from a credible and reliable doctor.

GarbhaGudi wants to fill this gap at no extra cost to the patient.

Couples who want to have a second opinion can call any of our centers and fix an appointment with the fertility expert. This doctor will then go through the existing reports, understand the history of the couple, understand the reasoning behind the suggested treatment plan and explain the whole thing to the patient couple. Couples are free to go back to their initial hospital or IVF Center to continue with their treatment. If there are better alternatives or if there are minor changes that can be done to the planned treatment, the same is advised to the couple.

To avail this option, the couple will have to follow these steps

  1. Fill in the the form below, requesting for a free second opinion.
  2. This will be received by our patient coordinators. They will then fix an appointment based on the doctor’s schedule and the availability of the couple
  3. On the appointed day, the couple have to get all their existing reports
  4. These will be reviewed by the doctor and an informed opinion will be suggested.
  5. In case some additional tests have to be done, these will be advised. The couple are free to get these done wherever they want
  6. Couples can continue with their treatment either at GarbhaGudi or at the initial IVF center.

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