Hysteroscopy / Laparoscopy

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Certain invasive procedures like hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, hystero-laparoscopy become essential to identify and treat many female fertility issues like cysts, fibroids etc. All of these are minimally invasive procedures and is done by laparoscopy expert doctors. There are many advantages of having these procedures done at GarbhaGudi.

  1. Infrastructure – The operation theatre infrastructure is world-class and this plays a very important role in the success of the procedure. The OT is well maintained, regularly disinfected and cleaned, frequently verified for any anomalies or growth. Qualified OT technicians are responsible for handling the OT area. Entry into the area is strictly restricted to prevent any inadvertent infection from spreading. The OT complex has been built with specialized non-infective material which is easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Equipment – The equipment used is all state-of-the-art. Every aspect of the surgery, from the OT beds to the OT lights, the laparoscopic instruments, to the lap source of light until the smallest of the surgical equipments. These are regularly sterilized and auto-cleaved. Wherever possible, we use disposable products – from the sheets to catheters and other instrumentation.
  3. Surgeons and Assistants – All surgeries at GarbhaGudi are done by experts in that specific area. For example, all laparoscopic surgeries are done by highly qualified laparoscopic surgeons, who are one of the best in Bangalore for surgical procedures. They are assisted by our fertility experts to ensure they have a clear idea of the procedure. The anesthetists who are responsible for the well-being of the patient are also highly qualified and are one of the best in Bangalore.
  4. Process – GarbhaGudi is proud to say that we have a very strong and mature process of planning and executing a surgery. This includes posting the procedure, coordination for the surgery, educating and informing the patient about the procedure, its advantages and disadvantages / risks etc. making sure all relevant specialists and equipment are ready and available at the planned time, ensuring adherence to clinical rules and legal requirements, pre-anesthesia check-up for the patient, clearance / fitness of the patient for surgery by a physician if needed, record keeping of the procedure, consent forms, post surgery management, ensuring patient fitness after procedure, discharge formalities including discharge summary and then follow-up for furher consultation and treatment.