International Patients

International Patients

Due to exceptional care and patient outcomes, GarbhaGudi IVF Center is a preferred international destination for fertility tourism. Our success rates is one of the top in India for infertility treatments including egg donation, IVF, IUI, and surrogacy.

With Five centers located in Bangalore, one of the most desirable destinations in India,GarbhaGudi IVF Center welcomes patients from across the globe. Boasting a year-round idyllic climate and a dazzling array of tourist attractions, it’s easy to see why Bangalore in India would appeal to travelers, fertility tourists, and patients alike.

From a medical standpoint, GarbhaGudi IVF Center’s team is experienced in assisting patients with travel logistics in order to foster as stress-free an experience as possible. Consequently, patients receive top-quality fertility care from our fertility specialists, combined with a relaxing vacation experience.

Travel and Visa requirements

Any foreign national can get a medical visa to India as long as they have a genuine health concern that needs to be addressed. An applicant (patient) can have a maximum of two attendants who can accompany the patient into the country.However, their entry will require another form of visa called the Medical Attendant Visa. This visa will have the same validity of the medical visa. Typically, the validity of a medical / tourist visa is for a maximum of 1 year, multiple journey. This can be renewed again at the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO). Please get in touch with us and we can help you with Visas.

Foreign exchange

If you are carrying US dollars, the exchange rates are very favourable to foreigners and we can help you with the local currency, Indian rupees. We also accept all international credit cards.

Language, food, accommodations and getting around

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and English is widely spoken here. If you are from a non-English speaking country, we can arrange language translators for us to understand each other.

As for food, you can find good restaurants that serve international cuisine and local flavours in and around our centers.

We will help with accommodations that suits your budget and are comfortable too. Travelling to and from the center is easy as you can book Uber or Ola cabs any time of the day.

We suggest the below course of action for international patients

  1. Let us know by phone or email about your current situation.
  2. We will arrange a call or a video conference with our fertility specialist to address any concerns that you may have.
  3. With all the information exchanged through calls, mails and video conferences, we will have a clear plan of action. This will be proposed to the patient couple.
  4. Based on the couple’s availability and travel plans, a calendar for the treatment program is drawn and shared with the couple.
  5. The couple are also provided with all the documentation required for the medical visa.
    Please note – Couples are advised to come on medical visa to India. This is the legal way for getting treatment in India.
  6. GarbhaGudi can also help the couple with accommodation at a place close to the place of treatment. Usually, all our international patients are treated by our Medical Director, Dr. Asha S Vijay. In case the patients want to work with any other specialist, that can also be arranged.
  7. In the interest of time, certain investigations and procedures may have to be done in the couple’s native country. This will help us understand the situation and start treatment if needed.

Once the couple arrives in Bangalore, the treatment process starts.

International patient testimonials

5 star service Always trying to help patients giving right treatment and suggestions. You will feel comfortable in hospital, respect your time and value Everyone in hospital are very proactive on procedure We had very positive news we got after consulting with Dr. Shwetha I will recommend this if you are planning to have baby..and thinking. All the best.

Jesudas Antonyraj

Thank you very much for making us happy in welcoming our baby… we got genuine treatment only here… we always get positive energy wennever we come Here .. thank you Dr. maheshwari mam and team.


Very positive ambiance, hygienic environment, quick responsive staff members, best doctors and nurses. Very polite approach of reception staff makes u feel satified of ur choice. Overall outcome of result is positive .

Prana Prana

First of all my thanks to doctor’s and the entire staff of garbhagudi .visited with no hope because already tired with all the hospital , But here my negative hope has been become positive hope and finally blessed with a baby. No words can express my happiness…… Thanks to all

Puni Puni

Homely atmosphere. positive environment. Much comfortable and most satisfied with the treatment. I would like to thank each and every one for giving such a positive hopes. We are much happy, happier and happiest with Garbhagudi Ivf centre

Rukmini P

I am so impressed with the level of expertise that all of the staff a Fertility Solutions possesses. I felt welcome and comfortable the second I walked into the clinic. I appreciate your Dr. Maheshwari providing high-quality care in addition and i got positive result in few months , I am so very Happy, Thank you Garbhagudi Team

Rekha Sriram

Excellent place for infertility couples. Trying to conceive from past 4 years, visited several fertility centers. Referred by one of the friend so attempted for a last finally with positive result. Really very happy thanks a lot GARBHAGUDI IVF CENTRE , hanumanthnagar. The center is very hygienic with kind, care and soft spoken staff. THANKS A LOT.

Sherin Jacob

We are feeling so happy and blessed to knew about this place and its amazing hospital with fabulous doctor and staff. Thank you so much to Dr Sophia mam and all the staff members and team. They are very caring and treated very well and all the staff are well behaved. All the test results are accurate and helpful to know the issue and starts treatment within no time. A big thank you to all.

Venu Athipatla

The experience has been wonderful right from the doctors staff’s follow up cleanliness and overall everything is simply superb . One of the best hospital for IVF . Happy to hear that for all support .

Thara Sureshkumar

One of the most amazing hospitals with fabulous doctor and staff team….. Dr Sophia mam is the god for us.. She is treated very well with so much love and care….. And all the staff do most well behaved and caring ones.. Feels like a family… Whoever suffering from pregnancy issues… Please contact GarbhaGudi hospital… They will provide you with positive results…. God bless you all the members GarbhaGudi team… A big thank you u guys made my life colourful????????

Ramya Naik

Trying to conceive for the past 13 years has finally made our dreams come true. Thanks doctors and all the staff. Thank you Garbhagudi IVF Center.

Rukmani Raju

Best place for fertility treatment.. special thanks to Dr swetha mam…she is very important friendly and always with positive mindset. I never got negative response from her always motivates me. Whenever i visit for scan i feel like I’m in safe hands. Finally got positive results today… Staff also humble and polite. Thanks to Garbhagudi

Roohi Palasamudram