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Is PCOS Curable?

Is PCOS Curable
The answer to that today is “No”. There is no cure for PCOS yet, but there are many ways you can decrease or eliminate PCOS symptoms and feel better. Here are some ways to manage it. Diet and Exercise In obese people weight loss can be very effective in easing many health conditions. Losing weight may help to lower your blood glucose levels, improve the way your body uses insulin and help your harmones reach normal levels. Even 5-10% loss in body weight can help make your menstrual cycle more regular and improve your chances of getting pregnant. Diet Avoid junk foods like pizza, burger, pasta, beverages etc. Reduce the intake of unsaturated fats , oily foods, carbohyrate rich diet. Eating fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits rich in vitamin C like orange gooseberry. Taking balanced diet according to BMI is ideal. Some medicines that can be used with PCOS and their impact is given below 1) Harmonal control can be obtained by pill, patch, vaginal rings and hormonal IUD This makes the cycle regular , helps to improve acne and reduces extra hair on the face and the body. It also reduces risk of endometrial cancer 2) Anti androgens medicines: These medicines block the effect of androgens and reduces scalp hair loss, facial and body hair growyh and acne 3) Metformin: Improves insulin ability to lower both insulin and androgen levels.After few months of use it helps to restart ovulation, but it usually has little effect on the face or body.It also lowers BMI and improves cholesterol levels. Surgery The outer shell called cortex of ovaries is thickened in women with PCOS and prevents spontaneous ovulation. Ovarian drilling is a surgery in which the doctor makes a few hole in surface of ovary using laser/fine needle. It restores ovulation. This is usually done as a laparoscopic surgery and is often a day care procedure. Removal of Hair You can try facial hair removal cream, laser hair removal or electrolysis.

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