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Male infertility is usually caused by problems that affect either sperm production, motility or morphology.
Male infertility approximately affects 1 out of every 6 couples. Today, male factors contribute to approximately 30% -40% of all infertility cases.
The main causes of infertility in males
1) Hypothalamic or pituitary disorder (1-2%)
2) Primary testicular disease (30-40%)
3) Acquired testicular damage
4) Genetic causes
5) Obstructive lesions of male genital tract
6) Sexual dysfunction
7) Immunological causes
8) Ageing
9) Systemic causes (thyroid / liver disorders)
10) Idiopathic
Male infertility usually occurs because of inadequate numbers of sperm, decreased motility, abnormal
forms or problems with erection or ejaculation.
Causes for abnormality in sperms may be due to one of the following conditions
1) Inflammation & infection of testicles
2) Swollen veins in the scrotum (Varicocele)
3) Abnormally developed testicles.
Causes for abnormality in other semen parameters
1) Use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
2) Severe mumps infection (or) other STI’S (sexually transmitted infections)
3) Hernia repairs
4) Hormone disorders
5) Exposure to poisonous chemicals/radiation
6) Injury to groin area
7) Wearing tight undergarments
Erection dysfunction & ejaculatory disorders (premature or retrograde ejaculation) requires proper evaluation & treatment by a qualified andrologist. Knowledge of causes and risk factors for male infertility plays an important role in diagnosing & treating the condition.

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