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India is becoming the preferred destination for medical tourism for patients across the world. The top four reasons for this are

  • Availability of top class doctors and medical infrastructure
  • Low costs – for treatment, medicines, implants, consumables and for accommodation and food
  • Ability to combine travel, fun and adventure along with healthcare
  • Government support, rules and regulations that make medical tourism easy through easy visas, clearly defined rules, campaigns across other countries to educate them about Indian hospitals etc.

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Also, the proliferation of internet and other communication modes has made it very easy for patients of one country to sit in their homes and analyze the strengths, weakness and capabilities of hospitals and doctors located in a different country. So the available choices for patients are humongous, all within their planned budgets.

Medical tourism for infertility is certainly a very upcoming area. Couples from Australia to Americas enquire about the treatment options in India, if cost and quality of treatment is a concern.

At GarbhaGudi, we get a lot of enquiries from patients from various countries,  for infertility treatment. So far, we have successfully treated patients from Sudan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, USA, Britain, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Nigeria, New Zealand etc.

For our international patients, the suggested course of action is as follows

  1. Let us know by phone or email about your current situation.
  2. We will arrange a call or a video conference with our fertility specialist to address any concerns that you may have.
  3. With all the information exchanged through calls, mails and video conferences, we will have a clear plan of action. This will be proposed to the patient couple.
  4. Based on the couple’s availability and travel plans, a calendar for the treatment program is drawn and shared with the couple.
  5. The couple are also provided with all the documentation required for the medical visa.
    Please note – Couples are advised to come on medical visa to India. This is the legal way for getting treatment in India.
  6. GarbhaGudi can also help the couple with accommodation at a place close to the place of treatment. Usually, all our international patients are treated by our Medical Director, Dr. Asha S Vijay. In case the patients want to work with any other specialist, that can also be arranged.
  7. In the interest of time, certain investigations and procedures may have to be done in the couple’s native country. This will help us understand the situation and start treatment if needed.
  8. Once the couple arrives in Bangalore, the treatment process starts.

International patients can contact the following people for any emergency
Assistant Branch Manager (Kalyan Nagar centre) – Mrs. Sumithra : + 91 88617 33339 – 
Corporate Branch Manager – Ms. Ranjitha : + 91 99724 63355 –
Director –Mr. Hari Srinivasan : +91 96209 59599 –

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