Prepare yourself mentally, physically and financially for a fertility treatment

Preparing for conception.

  • Are you trying to conceive for the past 6 months and more, but haven’t
    been successful?
  • Have you been diagnosed with infertility and wondering what to do next?
  • Are you wondering on what you need to do before you seek medical advice from a fertility specialist?

Parenthood is perhaps the best experience you can enjoy if you are ready to have children. However, do you know that trying to conceive is like rolling a dice? The outcome can be positive or negative. So how do you prepare yourself for a successful pregnancy and a delivery? Read on to know all about it.

Consult a fertility specialist first.

A fertility specialist is a gynecologist who has done his / her super specialization in reproductive medicine. They also address hormonal functioning as it pertains to reproduction and fertility or infertility in both women and men. They can help in preparing you or your partner for pregnancy by asking you to take medicines, health supplements or vaccines, advise you on diseases like diabetes or BP and more. If you are healthy, they can advise you on things like timing, diet and other factors that affect fertility.

Stop smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use.

If you smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs, you should stop before you get pregnant. They can make it harder for you to get pregnant, increase the chance that you will miscarry (lose the baby before it is born)

Eat a Balanced Diet

If you are underweight or overweight, it is best to try to reach your ideal weight before you get pregnant. Maintain or strive for a healthy body weight with a balanced diet before you get pregnant. A few simple guidelines are to reduce empty calories, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine, eat foods that are high in protein, consume more fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products and also limit the amount of fish that you eat because seafood contains mercury, which can cause birth defects if eaten in large amounts.

Exercise regularly

Exercising before you get pregnant may help your body deal with all of the changes that you will go through during the pregnancy and labor. Most women who already exercise can safely maintain their current exercise program almost throughout their pregnancy.

Mental preparedness

Various studies have shown that mental and emotional well-being during pregnancy can have an impact on birth outcomes as well as mental states during the postpartum period. Being highly emotional or going through negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, frustration etc. can affect the hormonal balance, which can affect your ability to conceive.

Simple techniques like yoga, meditation, breathing techniques (such as Pranayama) can make a huge difference in your mental well being and preparedness.

Know what to expect during pregnancy

Pregnancy can include both the expected (weight gain, weird food cravings, aches, and pains) to the unexpected (extreme nausea, pica, and being placed on bed-rest). Meditating regularly, seeking social support of family and friends, joining a group can all be beneficial. Some strategies for taking care of yourself mentally are:

  • Make your psychological health a priority.
  • Banish negative self-talk.
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Talk to your partner about how you plan to parent.
  • Also, discuss how you will deal with challenges that might arise.
  • If you have older children, prepare them for the new arrival.

Financial preparedness

Preparing for a baby is not just tiny clothes; it involves a lot of financial preparation. Below are a few pointers for you to consider:

  • Estimating your medical costs
  • Planning leave from your job
  • Budgeting for the new arrival

If you have not already bought a health insurance plan, then buy one immediately after marriage. Choose a comprehensive family floater health insurance plan that also covers maternity expenses apart from all other things required.

Understanding how much time, you and your partner get off work and whether your company will pay you during that period can significantly affect your household finances in the coming year.

Prepare a pre-baby and post baby budget because you will be spending on out-of-pocket medical costs. Prepare a shopping list for your new addition and adjust your budget accordingly.

Take it easy on the baby buys. Those tiny little outfits, strollers, and top-of-the-line baby furniture can easily run into the thousands of rupees. While you should never economize on safety items (like car seats, there is no reason to spend big bucks on an outfit your child will outgrow in two weeks. Talk to a friend who is an experienced mom, preferably with two or more children, on your buying spree.

If you have been diagnosed with infertility, an IVF treatment may work best for you. Since they are expensive, ask if the fertility center offers a low interest loan for the treatment. If not speak to your bank.

At GarbhaGudi IVF center, we offer 0 % interest EMI loans in association with a partner for couples who need financial assistance.

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