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With a passion to grow aggressively, GarbhaGudi has been growing aggressively so as to reach more and more couples who need fertility treatment. One of the best ways to achieve this is through a strong partnership channel. GarbhaGudi is committed to building a network of partners where everybody benefits – patients get the best of treatment options at affordable costs, partners get to grow through the reach of GarbhaGudi and GarbhaGudi gets to serve more couples and grow.

For more details about the benefits of each type of partnership, please contact us by email or by phone. You can get our contact details here.
We have four different types of partnership programs.

Symbiosis Partnership

This is a partnership where GarbhaGudi and another hospital / organization enter into a partnership to co-invest and operate a new fertility branch or clinic. The services that can be provided in such a setup can be decided based on the space area available, the potential of the locality, competitors in that area, quantum of investment that is planned and feasibility of providing services.

The benefits of this partnership program are

  • Providing additional services to existing patients of the organization
  • Increased revenue due to additional patients
  • Share of profit from the partnership program
  • Training and hands-on support for staff of the partner for treating infertility patients
  • Learning about the latest protocols and treatment options that GarbhaGudi regularly upgrades based on international research
  • Access to fertility specialists, embryologists and andrologists of GarbhaGudi.

Extended Fertility Clinics

In this partnership program, we empanel a clinic or a doctor to act as an extension of GarbhaGudi. Doctors or clinics who are our EFC partners can send their patients to any of the branches of GarbhaGudi to be consulted by a fertility specialist. The specialist will define a stimulation protocol to treat the patient and share that with the AFC partner. Subsequently, the stimulation protocol can be executed at the EFC partner’s clinic. The patient needs to come to a branch of GarbhaGudi only for the initial consultation, the ovum pick-up procedure and for the embryo transfer procedure. They need not travel to the branches of GarbhaGudi for every scan, injection or consultation. These partners will be trained on the stimulation protocols that we follow.

All injections needed for stimulation needs to be stocked and managed by the AFC partners at their centres. This gives the centres more revenue and also allows them to be an active part of the treatment program. The patients are also served better because of their existing relationship with the EFC doctors.

The benefit of this program is

  • Increased revenue for the partner
  • Training and hands-on support for treating infertility patients
  • Active role in the treatment of the patients, so more exposure.
  • Learning about the latest protocols and treatment options that GarbhaGudi regularly upgrades based on international research
  • Access to fertility specialists, embryologists and andrologists of GarbhaGudi.

Associated Business Partners

In this partnership program, GarbhaGudi will have tie-up with well known hospitals for patient referrals. The essence of this relationship is that GarbhaGudi will refer all its non-infertility patients to a partner in the area where the patient resides. Since GarbhaGudi does not provide maternity services, all patients who conceive successfully at GarbhaGudi will be referred to associated business partners. In addition, other treatment options that GarbhaGudi does not provide (like operative laparoscopic procedures, General OB and Gynec requirements etc.) will be referred to the associated partners.

The expectation from GarbhaGudi is that infertility cases of the associated partner will be referred to the nearest branch of GarbhaGudi. Patients referred by associated partners will also get additional benefits like priority care, discounts on many procedures and investigations, free registration etc.

GarbhaGudi will limit the number of associated partners in a particular geographical area to maximum of 2. This will ensure that the volume of referred business is reasonably high.

The benefits of this program are

  • Increased revenue for the partner from the cases referred by GarbhaGudi.
  • Attractive discounts and additional services for patients referred by associated partners
  • Periodic training about the latest developments in infertility treatment from GarbhaGudi
  • Access to fertility specialists, embryologists and andrologists of GarbhaGudi

Panel of Referring Doctors

This is similar to the associated business partners, but is applicable to doctors having their individual practice. GarbhaGudi maintains a panel of referring doctors and special training programs and activities are conducted for such referring doctors.