Basic work up

A typical basic work-up includes consultations, required blood investigations and ultrasound scans.


A consultation session is always handled by a fertility expert, a doctor who has studied to handle infertility and has relevant experience for the same. The first consultation generally requires a longer duration since the doctor will need to understand the context, the problem and also analyze any earlier reports. Generally, patients can expect this to last for about 30 minutes.

Consultations with the following experts are available

  • Fertility Expert – Couples wanting to consult for general infertility or for specific female infertility related topics can consult a fertility expert. They usually are gynecologists who have done their super specialization in treating infertility
  • Andrologist – Couples wanting to consult a doctor to manage male infertility need to consult an andrologist. An andrologist will also be the doctor who will handle any diagnostic or operative procedures for handling infertility.
  • Physician – The fertility expert or an andrologist may refer a patient to a physician for further analysis and treatment specific conditions like diabetes, hyper-thyrodism, hypertension etc. A physician may also be consulted for getting “fitness” certificate prior to any surgery.
  • Sonologist – This is a doctor who specializes in ultrasound scans. So all couples needing expert guidance in scans can consult this doctor.
  • Anesthetist – Patients may need to consult an anesthetist prior to a surgery for a PAC (Pre Anesthesia Checkup). Here the anesthetist will check various parameters to ensure patient is ready to receive anesthesia. This is a very critical step to ensure patient safety during a procedure. Patients may also consult an anesthetist for pain management.
  • Embryologist – Couples may consult an embryologist to understand the process of IVF, IUI, ICSI etc. or to get counseling support.

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Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound scanning is an essential aspect of fertility treatment. Fertility experts regular scan the patient to understand the ovarian situation, its response to stimulation, to identify pregnancy, to view anomalies in the internal organs – uterus, tubes, ovaries etc.

A baseline scan is done on the 2nd day after periods of the lady-patient. This is then used as a reference to track the progress of stimulation.


This is a critical aspect of treating infertility. Investigation reports have to be very accurate and timely to handle infertility. The hospital treating infertility should be able to run many important tests in-house to get quick results to ensure the doctors can adjust their treatment plans as per the patient’s response. Hormone levels have to be tracked on a regular basis when couples are undergoing IVF treatment.

GarbhaGudi has a sophisticated and well equipped lab to manage all critical investigations, which includes all hormones, viral tests, semen analysis etc. A few investigations are outsourced to the best and the most reputed diagnostic labs in Bangalore.