Embryo Donation

DFET is a process in which pre-selected embryos which have been frozen at our centre will be transferred into the uterus of the patient. The important point to note here is that the embryos will not carry the DNA of the patient-couple. This is generally recommended when other options of fertility treatment have been ruled out due to various reasons.

The possible scenarios when DFET would be suggested to couples by the doctor are:-

  1. When the couple have exhausted all other options including multiple IVF cycles and they are willing to go ahead with DFET
  2. When there are male and female factors which are difficult to treat
  3. For single parent situations

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  1. The organization, at its own cost, would have stimulated a good young donor when she is available. Using her eggs and a very healthy semen donor’s sperms, embryos are produced and frozen in our labs. These are used whenever couples want donor embryos.
  2. When a couple requests for donor embryos, then the organization can start stimulation of an egg donor at that point of time and use sperms from a healthy semen donor to get the embryos.

Please note that the most important part here is TOTAL ANONYMITY. At no point of time will the egg donor, the semen donor or the embryo donor know about the recipient of the embryo. GarbhaGudi will ensure that the required checks and balances are in place for keeping the whole process confidential and anonymous.

The commercials of a typical DFET cycle will include the following

  1. Making available one or more high grade embryos for embryo transfer
  2. Thawing of these embryos from their frozen state
  3. Performing the embryo transfer in our Operation Theater
  4. Hera cell Incubator and embryology lab usage charges
  5. All media used for the IVF procedure and embryo growth
  6. Embryo Transfer – ET done under the guidance of a fertility specialist and embryologist
  7. Anesthetist charges for ET, if needed
  8. Senior and junior embryologist charges for ET support
  9. Detailed briefing on the procedure and clarifications to questions and concerns
  10. Detailed screening and investigations for the egg donor
  11. Detailed screening and investigations for the semen donor
  12. Legal records maintenance and reporting, consents and approvals from patient and hospital
  13. Counseling of patient and husband, to explain the intricacies and complexities of IVF treatment