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Success rate

Many factors determine whether a couple will become pregnant, but a woman’s age is near the top of the list. At 21, when a woman is at peak fertility and 90% of her eggs are normal, her chance of conceiving is highest. It reduces with age and dips rather drastically after the age of 36.

IUI Success Rates

Typical IUI success rates across the world, for all age groups and at all hospitals is between 10% and 17% per cycle. Some centres are able to show very good success rates while some are not. As with any infertility treatment, the age of the woman plays a very important role.

At GarbhaGudi, we have had amazing success in IUI. Over all branches and across the last 3 years, we have seen a success rate of 80%. We attribute this to some process enhancements that we have made. Contact us for more details on these process changes.

IVF Success Rates

Success rates in IVF is dependent on the following key factors:


The age and general health of the woman. This includes ovarian reserve, hormone levels and her general body conditions – diabetes, hypertension, thyroid profile, stress levels etc.


The stimulation protocol that is used. Based on the expertise of the fertility specialist, the protocol may be more effective or less effective.


The hormone injections and IVF media used – There are various vendors who sell the required hormone injections. Based on the manufacturing facility, the quality controls imposed and the process followed, different injections may give different results in similar situations. So it is preferable to go for the best injections and best IVF media for the process.


The hospital infrastructure – This plays a key role, especially the operation theatre where the egg pick up is done and the embryology lab where the fertilization through IVF or ICSI is done. If these are not maintained as per the best of standards, then success rates dip drastically.


The specialists – The fertility specialist, the embryologist, the andrology lab in-charge and the support staff – they all play a very important role. Having the right people with the required expertise is very important.

GarbhaGudi scores very high on all of these 5 points. We have the best of infrastructure, an eminent panel of specialists who have handled thousands of IVF cycles, we use the best injections and media (no compromise on the quality of medicines and media) and we continuously upgrade our treatment protocols to adopt the latest enhancements in technology. This is the reason why our success rates have been phenomenal.

Across the world, IVF success rate is in the range of 30% to 37%. We have been consistently reporting more than 80% success across all our centres. These rates are even higher for donor embryo cycles and blastocyst transfer cycles.