About Us


G – Globally
A – Acclaimed
R – Reproductive
B – Brand
H – Helping
A – All
G – God’s own
U – Ultimate
D – Destination for
I – Infertility

GarbhaGudi Vision 

“My GarbhaGudi shall be a globally renowned reproductive health university having superlative success rates due to strong scientific approach, ethical values and humane touch”.


Standpoints are philosophies on which the culture of the organization is built. These are non-negotiable at all points of time and are used as guidance for making decisions when in confusion. The standpoints on which GarbhaGudi is being built are

  • Service loyalty to the Patients, Financial loyalty to the organization
    This standpoint indicates that at all points of time and in all possible situations, service to the patient is the primary duty of all staff members of GarbhaGudi. This is true for all people, from the CEO until the security person. But when it comes to financial integrity, GarbhaGudi comes first. At all points of time and in all situations, the staff member’s financial commitment should be to the organization.Summary is – Provide the best of services, but ensure the organization gets a just and fair financial benefit for the same.
  • Complete adherence to ethical practices, at all times, in all situations
    There are a set of rules and guidelines defied by the Government (labor laws, environment etc.) and there are a set of rules and guidelines defined by the medical council (KPME, KMC, ICMR etc.). Over and above all this, there are a set of rules and guidelines defined by nature (honesty, integrity, courtesy, empathy, selfless service etc.). Our commitment is that we will follow all of these rules and guidelines.
  • Prioritization – patients, people and partners
    Our first priority will be service to our patients, even if this means there may be some inconvenience to our staff or the organization. So, if needed, we will keep the premises open at midnight to ensure a patient gets her injections at the right time. A point to note here is that this standpoint does not mean that we do not value our people or our partners. We do immensely respect our people and our partners, but we respect our patients more.
  • Hire the right people and retain them.
    For the success of all organizations in general and service based organizations specifically, people are the most important ingredient. People are more important than processes and technology. We very clearly understand that if we have the right people, they will optimize all processes and bring in the best of technology. So we are very careful when we hire people and once they are on board, we take really care of them
  • Commitment to corporate social responsibility – in letter and in spirit
    In a society like India, it is important for organizations to ensure they do their bit for the upliftment of the society. GarbhaGudi is committed to investing time, resources and money for fulfilling its obligations to the society. As part of this, we will have some price concessions and discounts for couples who may not be able to afford the expensive fertility treatment. We also conduct free camps at rural areas to educate and treat people who have no access to infertility related information / treatment. We are also in the process of setting up a trust that will help unaffordable patients from a commercial angle.