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why garbhagudi

It is very important to answer the question “Why GarbhaGudi?”.
Why should any patient or couple choose GarbhaGudi over the other IVF centres?

Choosing a fertility clinic and specialist is a big decision and it’s important to go with the one that’s the best fit for you. You want to choose a specialist that you’re comfortable with; who you feel listens to you and is going to give you the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

GarbhaGudi is the one of the top IVF centers in Bangalore. You will find a humane touch and personalized care from doctors and staffs, which will make you feel at home. You will never wait for long hours to speak to doctors about treatment options. Doctors are always available to clarify your doubts any time, in person or by phone or by email.

Couples can interact with doctors and discuss problems in detail to obtain accurate scientific information and solutions. Not only do you get your choice of dedicated fertility specialist but our patients benefit from having access to the combined knowledge and expertise of the whole team for a collective opinion, so you can be assured we are exploring every possible option to help you conceive.

The key differentiators are

  • A world class facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure combined with a humane touch and personalized care from the doctors and staff.
  • Affordable treatment without any compromise on service or quality of medicines or media.
  • Unparalleled success rates because of the above 2 points and the eminent panel of specialists that we have.
  • Treatment protocols that are regularly enhanced and upgraded to incorporate the latest advancements in process, technology and clinical research.
  • Holistic approach to treating infertility through mind-body-soul programs.

The specialists at GG work with the couple to understand the specific causes for infertility. They work towards identifying the right approach for each patient and then walk with them on the journey towards motherhood, in a very scientific but humane process. We understand very clearly that infertility treatment is an equal mix of technology and psychology. Our panels of super-specialists will hand-hold you through every step, giving you all the information, care and support that you need through this physically, financially and emotionally demanding journey.

The other differentiators are

  • Free Second Opinion for Patients: Our doctors are available for free consultation on ongoing treatments at other facilities. Patients can come and meet our doctors and understand if the advised treatment is the best thing for the patient couple.
  • Financing option at 0% interest for patients when they cannot manage the finances to meet the cost of procedures.
  • Well trained support staff to provide a great experience during the treatment time. The staff will make the whole process.
  • Completely ethical practice – follow all mandated rules and also adhere to the rules of morality and integrity.

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